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Who gets the job? You or the robot

As we embrace these technological advancements, it’s hard not to feel a sense of uneasiness at the vast number of jobs disappearing. Does automation only threaten unskilled workers? Think again.

4 Major Ways Most People Sabotage Their Own Job Search

Interviews are tricky. Even if you make every attempt to research a company before the big day and practice for a week straight, it’s still possible to get it wrong. Interviews are just unpredictable like that. In fact, you may even be sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. Here are some of he major ways people unknowingly self sabotage their job hunt/interviews.

Simple Steps On How To Get Paid What Your Worth

One of the most common complaints that people have is that they are not paid what they are worth. All the way from Professional sports players down to the burger flipper in the fast food joint, everyone thinks that they aren’t getting what they are worth. Almost everyone, regardless of income, education, or position, believes that he or she should be earning more money for what they do. But one thing you need to ask yourself is do you truly deserve that raise?

Networking Mistakes To Avoid

More than anything in the job hunt, networking is one of the most powerful and crucial steps in order to get hired. Nothing can replace good old face to face time. This is where you make real-life connections that could mean the difference between a job opportunity or nothing. People want to hire people. When you know people that have good connections that can land you a job, this immediately gives you the upper hand on other job seekers, who might not be giving the job hunt their all.

The Top Excuses Most People Use To Put Off Their Job Hunt

The job hunt is never an easy ordeal because not only do you have to be diligent, be a bit of a scavenge hunter, showcase your skills, have thick skin for the NO’s and pretty much be your own cheer leading squad, but you also have to fight the self doubt that comes in the form of lame excuses of “They won’t hire me”, “I can’t find a job”, “No one is hiring”.