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Stroke Prevention Methods for Healthy Woman

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in women, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds. In fact, stroke kills twice as many women as breast cancer. A stroke occurs when blood circulation is cut off from the brain, depriving brain cells of oxygen necessary to function. When this happens, brain cells die and essential cognitive abilities are affected. In more severe cases, a stroke can be fatal.

Telemedicine of the Future

Between the lower overall health costs, reduced absenteeism and time away from work, the benefits of telemedicine are immense. While telemedicine isn’t a new approach, it has gained a lot traction in the last half decade for a variety of reasons.

The Intricacy Of Immunity Revealed

To put simply, the immune system is like the Goldilocks story: it can do too much, too little, or just enough. When it does too much, it causes autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and lupus. When it does too little, as in AIDS, it fails to protect the person from infections that are normally easily killed off with a healthy immune system. When it does just enough, it allows us to resist disease naturally and/or with the help of vaccines….

Highest Health Spending Conditions In USA

We all know health problems can cost a lot. The time span of suffering from certain ailments particularly diabetes therapies, antihypertensive drugs, and medications for hyperlipidemia – drove much of the massive increase in health care spending during the past 2 decades.