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25 MORE Unexpected Benefits Of Marijuana

Share this stuff   Health Benefits of Cannabis   (Continued)   1. It Can Improve Skin Conditions Who would’ve thought that cannabis could be a viable treatment option for skin conditions like eczema? The only issue? Smoking won’t do much good, as smoking actually harms your skin. A quality cannabis topical, on the other hand, can…

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25 Unexpected Benefits Of Marijuana

It comes as no shock to anyone who knows cannabis that it’s something of a miracle herb.

But as we bring this plant out of the dark and into the light, it continues to blow our minds – just how great the benefits of marijuana actually are!…

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vitamin D fights flu

Fight the Flu with Vitamin D (Not the Flu Vaccine)

Despite constant pressure from doctors and drugstores to get your flu shot each and every year, the manufacturer’s own packaging insert recommends that, no one receive more than one shot (not per year, per lifetime). There are, however, remedies that accomplish this task far more effectively than flu shots—and vitamin D is at the top of the list….

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Cancer-Proof Your Home

7 Steps To Cancer-Proof Your Home

Take a second (and then a third) look at your cleaning products. Researchers have discovered that women who use most cleaners and/or air fresheners in their homes have a breast cancer risk of women who do not. Discover the steps to having a caner-free healthy house so you can have a healthy body.

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Chemo Therapy

Chemotherapy Detox

If you or someone you love decide to go the “chemo route” as part of an overall cancer treatment protocol, be sure to get the facts. Most importantly, find out what you can do to detoxify your body right away once your chemo course is over.

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