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The Top Excuses Most People Use To Put Off Their Job Hunt

Job Hunt

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     The job hunt is never an easy ordeal because not only do you have to be diligent, be a bit of a scavenge hunter, showcase your skills, have thick skin for the NO’s and pretty much be your own cheer leading squad, but you also have to fight the self doubt that comes in the form of lame excuses of “They won’t hire me”,  “I can’t find a job”, “No one is hiring”.


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Excuse #1:  No One is Hiring

          Just thinking of the amount of businesses that are out there, logically there is no way that this can be true. There is never a time when no one is hiring. Yea there might be time when the industry you are in might be slowing down on hiring or be in a funk. But how will you truly know if you don’t try. This is the ideal time that will test your will power and give you a chance to utilize this down time to spruce up your online profiles (ex. LinkedIn, Career Builder, Monster, etc.). When a company comes across your profile that you have already updated, you can make sure the best impression possible is made. And hopefully receive a call.


You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


Excuse #2:  Now Isn’t The Right Time

           Its understandable that when you come home from a job that is unfulfilling, stressful and leaves you drained when you get home, you might not really be up to putting energy into looking for something different. You only really have enough energy to see whats on T.V. or go online or you’re booked with dinners, gym classes, and doctor appointments. And the weekends? Forget about it. That’s your time for yourself, when you don’t have to think about work. But if this is how you really feel after you get off work THAT IS ALL THE MORE REASON TO FIND ANOTHER JOB. If you had a bike that every-time you sat on the seat the spring always pokes you, the wheels are all warped and its a rusty looking eyesore, wouldn’t you change the bike immediately or just QUIT using that bike all together? Now I know you have bills and other responsibilities to pay for, so while you are at the job you hate, never forget that feeling and transfer that anger into energy you can use in your job hunt and start taking the steps to living the live you actually want.


Excuse #3:  You Don’t Know Where To Starthunt

         Looking for a job can definitely be a bit overwhelming, lets face it there are a lot of parts that need to be in the right place for your job hunt to be successful. Best thing about the world that we live in today is that there are so many resources online that will help you break down that job hunt ordeal into an easy step by step process showing you what needs to be done and how you can do it. Plus there are so many ways you can go about your hunt to get info about jobs. You can network with people you know or at job fairs, a familiar face has the advantage when it come to getting a job. You can look at ads in papers or personally go to offices to show your interest in a job/company. Any one of these methods will get you better results than not doing anything, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


Excuse #4:  The next Job Could Be Worse

         You might be somewhat comfortable in the job you have now, you might not have the best boss, you may not have many work friends but at least you have a bunch of vacation time saved up. When you think about your friend that has a boss from hell and your other friend that doesn’t have a job at all, you think “I don’t have it that bad, the next job could be worse”. I completely understand how it feels to get comfortable and settled with an “uncomfortable job” because its stable, and besides its scary to start over, but that doesn’t mean that you should throw out the possibility to get a better job that you actually enjoy. It’s only risky if you go through the process without a plan and accept any random position that’s thrown at you. Take the time to research companies, learn about the culture, look up reviews of the company you are interested in and see if there are yelp reviews from people that work there as well, so you can get testimonials of how it really is to work there.


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