Make Your Interviewer Fall In Love With You

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          Having a good resume is always a great start towards getting hired, BUT remember unless the interviewer likes YOU it doesn’t matter what your resume says. It is only paper. Your resume gets you through the doors but ultimately your interaction during the interview will determine if you get the job or not. Self promotion is key, be confident not cocky.
Even a gifted sales person who can effortlessly sell anything can also struggle with self promotion. Some struggle with self-promotion because for some reason or another they can’t objectively see the skills and value they bring to the table. First you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you know what aspects of yourself you need to talk about as well as stay away from, then and only then can you promote yourself accurately, confidently and professionally without coming across as arrogant.

“Self promotion is key, be confident not cocky.”

          Know your strong points and base your “promotion” on facts. Give firm in depth examples of when you saved time or money for a company you were previously employed by OR just in life experiences (school, home, etc.). Have you created successful ideas that save time/money? What are ways that past companies/classmate/family members have benefited from just having you around? These facts alone should speak strongly about your performance under pressure and other multitude of situations whether a reward was expected or not, this will you’re your interviewer your work ethic.

Interviewer Fall In Love

          Endorsements are also important to have in your arsenal. What great things have people said about you? Think about how others have praised you and take note, make sure to convey this information during the interview . Look at your online endorsements (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). What do people say about your skills/talents? Use this praise to help strengthen your confidence in sharing what you bring to the table.

“Endorsements  are also important to have in your arsenal. Think about your unique qualities and “sell” yourself on those.”

          You must depersonalize the process, in other words remove your emotions when doing self promotion for the best results. No one likes arrogant people. Think of yourself as the product/investment. Present yourself as such by making it about what you can do and how you can benefit the company.

          What distinguishes you from the rest? Are you an IT professional with a bubbly personality? Being both analytical and sociable is a strong feature to have about yourself. Think about your unique qualities and “sell” yourself on those. Share those insights and connect with the interviewers on how you are going to add value not only to the company but the work experience as a whole.

          Once you have embraced that you are to be invested in, start practicing your presentation. Rehearse the facts that make you highly valuable to the company and know your strong points. Practice incorporating your uniqueness into your job interview. Use your personal endorsements as motivation to remind you that people respect and praise your work and worth. If you feel like your ready for the interview and you have adequately prepared then the only thing left to do is to wait for interview day. And over all don’t sweat it my friend you got this.



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